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Ultra high-performance Solana RPC nodes built for traders and Solana developers.

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Here's a recent capture of the performance of our nodes:


For best performance, we recommend using a VPS in the same region + datacenter as the node. Node information is located on the dashboard.

Understanding VPS latency

With a VPS running in the same region + datacenter, we regularly see sub-5ms latency times:

$ ping -c 5 $NODE_URL
rtt min/avg/max/mdev = 4.213/4.234/4.260/0.016 ms

We do not currently provide VPS services for our users, but we can provide some support on setting one up -- namely, choosing the right place/configuration. The above stats were measured on a $5/mo VPS, so you may want to factor that cost into your calculations to use our nodes.


1 SOL, paid monthly Launch price


Join our Discord to chat with other traders and developers, and get support from the o7node team.

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